"You can call me a liar"...

  limpiabotas...but Arizona: 1993-95 is currently available through Cadiz Music, the same folks who released The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings back in 2012. The Arizona double CD features my first solo record Can O' Worms plus Retronuevo with Al Perry along with a never released EP and extensive liner notes. Players, producers etc. include JD Foster, Daren Hess, Jon Dee Graham, Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Craig Schumacher, Tommy Larkins, Joey Burns, Randy McReynolds, Nick Luca and a beautiful cover shot by Cliff GREEN. Buy it and keep me in tortillas...

Speaking of The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings there is also a book by that name that will be officially released June 1st, also through Cadiz Music. It's a false memoir of sorts with some startling photos by the aforementioned Cliff GREEN and others. Willy Vlautin and Lydia Lunch were impressed enough to contribute positive blurbs so perhaps an audience might be found for this oddity.

Lastly, I'll be on tour in Europe for much of Spring 2014 with the guitarist/composer Antonio Gramentieri turning most of it into music. I'll be playing songs old and new, reading a few selections from the Marlowe book and trying not to bore myself or the bartender. If you're interested please bring a friend, anyone under 30 years of age I will personally buy a beer or libation of their choice. 

That's all for now... I'm here if you need me.

Dan Stuart

Oaxaca, March 2014